2.4GHz 1 Watt Indoor Amplifier USB Powered By Shireen Inc

Published on: Nov 13, 2015 @ 09:51 by Matthew Knight

2.4GHz 1 Watt Indoor Amplifier USB Powered

Shireen Inc 2.4GHz 1 Watt Indoor Amplifier USB Powered video will show how this device can help you with getting to those harder to reach Wireless Access Points that might need a bit more of a Power boost to the target AP when preforming a wireless security audit.

With 2”x 1.4”, this is the smallest and most efficient 1 watt
indoor unit available in the market.

This unit consumes so little power, that it can be powered via USB *
cable, (optional). For all laptop users on the go, simply power it via
USB port and connect with the wireless LAN card. It delivers full 1 watt output with 20dB of Tx gain and 22dB Rx gain.

* USB power only for data applications only. For video use, the power
Must be from the AC adapter supplied with the unit

Transmit Gain: Utilizing the latest Gallium Arsenide Hetero-junction Bipolar Transistor (HBT), the unit provides highly linear gain with high efficiency.
LNA: The built-in Low Noise Amplifier with signal gain of 22 dB improves the receive sensitivity of remote equipment,
while keeping noise level very low.
Receive Filtering: All radio equipment contain filter for receive path. The band pass filter on this amplifier gives added protection against out of band noise.
Enclosure: CNC machined AL housing
Power Consumption: The most efficient 1 watt product available anywhere.
Warranty: All Shireen’s products come with 2-year warranty.

This set includes:
* 1 Watt Amplifier Unit
* Optional USB Cable
* Universal power supply (110~240VAC to 6 V DC)

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