Learn Ethical Hacking - Getting Started.

Published on: Jul 13, 2015 @ 21:59 by Matthew Knight
Getting started with hacking

This matthew knight getting started hacking page dedicated to helping you get started with how to learn ethical hacking what you will need if you would like learn to hack with what I show in my videos on ethical hacking. Please understand these videos are intended only for ethical hacking I don't support people who want to hack into peoples personal information or steal peoples information my website is to help educate people about how these attacks are preformed so people can be aware of these threats and what to look out for.

On this matthew knight getting started hacking guide will show you how to learn ethical hacking, and tell you what you need to learn to hack and what tools a lot of the hackers use for hacking into systems.

You need to understand that hacking takes many years to learn it's not something that is learned in a day I myself am still learning as I go every day in the world of hacking things change.

Their maybe a time when you're watching a video I made a week ago that might no longer work due to security improvements or that you might install a program that might have design and functions that have been changed.

I do my best to produce videos with the latest types of security attacks that can be preformed by hackers.

I wanna make this perfectly clear! I am NOT! an expert at what I teach I teach people what I learned what I do in my getting started with computer hacking videos can have mistakes im only human and we all make mistakes that's how we learn.

Don't be scared to make mistakes I learned a lot from the mistakes I made and still do.

Alright let's jump in to what is needed to take part take in mind not everything is needed but might be needed if you wanna follow a long.

What You Need

I recommend you have basic understanding of Linux command-line if you don't perhaps you should pick up a few books on the Linux OS


The Hacker Playbook 2 Amazing book covers all new attacks and techniques to ethical hacking

The Hacker Playbook Older Hackers Playbook but another great book to have for ethical hacking.

The Red Team Field Manual Really good reference book for linux commands and windows stuff.


Any Desktop or Laptop Computer at least 2.1Ghz Processor Intel or AMD. at least 2 GB of RAM. Old IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad's are commonly used find one on ebay under $150

Compatible Wireless card.

Reaver Pro

WiFi Pineapple

Raspberry Pi


Kali Linux

Misc Tools hosted by me.

Random stuff:

Cookie cadger



Android Tools Page

This page is still a work in progress I will expand on to this page a lot I can't cover or may have forgotten about so please be sure to check back on this page once in a while for changes I might have made.

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