How To install Kali Linux on Virtualbox

Published on: Jul 4, 2015 @ 12:14 by Matthew Knight

This video is intended to walk new users of Kali Linux through on How To install Kali Linux on Virtualbox so they can get started using Kali Linux.

You will need Virtual Box which can be found at:


1. Virtualbox Download

2. Kali Linux Download

What is Virtualbox?

A VirtualBox or VB is a software virtualization package that installs on an operating system as an application. VirtualBox allows additional operating systems to be installed on it, as a Guest OS, and run in a virtual environment.

What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is the new generation of the industry-leading BackTrack Linux penetration testing and security auditing Linux distribution. Kali Linux is a complete re-build of BackTrack from the ground up, adhering completely to Debian development standards.

Kali Linux Tools Listing

VIEW LISTING: ↪ Kali Linux Tools Listing

Pick 32 bit or 64 bit depending of your computer. I Recommend 32 Bit version!

Kali Linux can be downloaded from HTTP or from Torrent download.

Kali Linux has many tools which i use in a lot of my video tutorials when it comes to Ethical Hacking.

Once you have Kali Linux install You will need to login with the username root and whatever password you picked when you did the install.

Once logged in you can find a lot of the tools under the Application Menu and go to Kali Linux.

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