Alfa Network AWUS036H

Published on: Aug 12, 2014 @ 06:40 by Matthew Knight
Alfa Network AWUS036H

Alfa Network AWUS036H is popular for wireless hacking and cracking of wep wpa and wps wireless security.

I personally recommend the Alfa Network AWUS036H happens to be used by Myself and a lot of people in the IT Sec Field who are into wireless pen testing and Cracking Wireless Security.

The only real downfall about this adapter is it only supports b/g routers but all newer routers that have the N future will still allow you to connect the only special thing about a wireless card that has the "N" feature is it increases the speed of downloading files as long as the router supports the "N" feature and has internet speeds that fast otherwise the Alfa Network AWUS036H is possibly the best card you should get if you just wanna crack wireless I'd use this to do the cracking and then have an extra card that supports the "N" feature if you really need it.

The Alfa Network AWUS036H Supports Monitor Mode and Raw Frame Injection that allows you to crack Wireless security such as wep, wpa and wps works fine with back track Linux and Kali Linux.

Great for cracking wep, wpa/wpa2 and wps wireless security!

Tested to work with Backtrack and Kali Linux!

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