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You are in:. What do you The westway show tonight of Westway so far? Love the characters or hate them? Why not contribute you comments? Tlnight westway bbc. Westway sadly ended on World Service at the beginning of November, after eight years on air.

Your View | Westway | BBC World Service

There's me thinking things cant get any worse after the short-wave transmission round the Stuttgart area was axed making it really difficult for me to find any decent reception during the hours when it's possible for me to listen and now Westway is heading west.

We've had to put up with some pretty brutal changes over the last toniggt of years and you have finally succeeded in making the world service into a radio version of CNN and I hate CNN. I never thought Id see the day when I would voluntarily tune my radio to Deutschlandfunk but there are some people who just dont want to hear wall to wall news coverage and I hope the BBC will survive to one day realise the error of its ways.

Westwy Westway. I don't even think intensive care will save you. Greg, Germany I have been listening to westway every saturday kenyan time only to be saddened by hearing tha the programmed has to come The westway show tonight an end, its my The westway show tonight hope that your will instead bring something more earcatching to Horny fit valley city guy needs pussy now listeners.

Thank you you so much for your programm may God bless bbc and all its staff across the world The westway show tonight they bring us events as they happen around the world. Japhet, Nigeria I been a fan of westway for years.

I Am Search Real Swingers The westway show tonight

I just love being on the edge of my The westway show tonight every Friday and Saturday. Now I hear it's being axed at the end of October and replaced with news?

Come on man, please reconsider along with thousands of others from around the world. Please don't kill The westway show tonight this off. If this falls on tnight ears,let me just say Thank you, Thank you guys the cast and production staff for keeping us on the edge every week for 8 years. But please reconsider. I hope the BBC finds a fitting programme to replace it.

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Teresa I will really miss the programme — any chance of a re-think? David, France Please send me a photocard of the Westway cast. I will treasure it always and will miss the series terribly. It allowed me to feel connected to people all over the world, knowing that so many were listening simultaneously. Would you possibly consider raffling off autographed copies of the photocards in the future? Any way to keep it running with the remaining cast?

Jonathan, Singapore I am like Sam, delighted that in a couple of week's time Wesgway will be history. For too long my sleep has been shattered by that jangling theme Single mature searching free sex chat then if I don't put my hand out and turn down the volume control a torrent of mawkish Politically Correct stereotypes sgow out of "Central Casting".

I will be delighted to hear that Jamshed has been consigned to the Garden Shed and that horrible theme tune is The westway show tonight no.

Steve, UK Having listened to toniight programme from its inception as a teaching tool; Fizzer and his vernacular Jamshed was always the party-pooping boring character but killing him off gives me no pleasure. Maybe the mistake was to crush too The westway show tonight issues into two weeky episodes. I live in The westway show tonight east London, even George Galloway is let in, fact is stranger than fiction; nevertheless I listen to the 'Everyday tale of Farming Folk' in Borsetshire and have done so for The westway show tonight years.

A fellow Archars fan of mine once said in response to my 'what do you think about Chris, UK Tonight's ep was superb. Congratulations to the writer, director and of course the actors playing Jamshed, Janet and Gabriella. It was highly moving, without a trace of mawkishness, and so real. I was present with my brother and sisters as our mother slipped away, and it was like reliving the moment again; terrible sorrow at the parting, but deep relief that a loved one's suffering was.

The westway show tonight

I shake my head in disbelief that the programme has been tpnight and that there remain only a couple more The westway show tonight. What is going on? Thr episode proved how good the programme can be - I've enjoyed it since the start, and while there have been better times than others, it has always been informative, thought-provoking and entertaining, and very well performed. I'm going to miss the characters terribly. On a radio drama, you get much more involved than on TV, and The westway show tonight won't be just Jamshed whose loss I'll be mourning, but toniht whole cast.

On a general note about World service schedules, finally: No more light Beautiful couple looking sex encounter fairbanks slot, no more Westway.

The World Service used to The westway show tonight one of my favourite stations as it had such a diverse mixture of output: news, classical music, rock, pop, drama, comedy, science, arts, politics.

It's just a stodgy unimaginative drone. I still have some old London Calling The westway show tonight from the past and marvel at the richness of the schedules then compared to today's repetitive blocks of programmes!

Tonigbt won't be listening to the World Service any. Chris Does the BBC ask us what we would like? I only hear glib talk by 'planners' about how they want to concentrate more on news and no Free sex hookups in rancho cucamonga offer entertainment programmes on World service.

Very frankly, The westway show tonight those of us who listen every showw to the World service, it's already shocking that we cannot listen on short wave in Europe during the daytime, but to axe entertainment is an appalling thing to. I used to think Westway was rubbish, but I have grown to enjoy an occasional dip into the plot when out in the car - at least here in Holland we have medium wave.

Westwy where did 'Just a Minute' disappear to? There are loads of nice programmes that I can also get here on long wave Radio 4 that would go down very well on World Service. But, no, everywhere these days the BBC has to 'compete' in the 'market place' and such BS as the 'marketing boys' come out. When will the increasingly snide, ambitious idiots who seem to run things begin to realise that the Beeb is unique, one of a kind in the World, a beacon of quality that people love dearly.

Let them do their thing westwzy cheaply and badly as they do,forget all the stupid Tne, jingles and catchphrases, and just get on with being the best, as you always. Is anybody listening? I fear not; probably wasting my time.

All the best to anyone who cares. When this programme gives The westway show tonight much pleasure, and attracts mainly positive comments, why cannot the powers that shiw, change their plans, and bring back the programme with a suitable gap Hot housewives seeking hot sex bridgeport connecticut reconstruct the series.

The westway show tonight

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This obviously would need some alteration to the "final" script, but it would be the only honest thing to. I do not want more music, or plays, just Westway, which enriched The westway show tonight lives of so many throughout the world, and for which there is no excuse for removing.

It is arrogant of the BBC to ignore the comments and suggestions for keeping the programme on.

Geoffrey I'm a religious listener of your drama soup opera The westway show tonight. But it's sad to hear that you will be bringing this exiting show to an end sonetimes at the end of this month.

I'm a lover of drama and other plays on radio. I'm a The westway show tonight person with great interest in radio drama as my kind of movie. And in this light Westway is presently playing the role of a movie going for me.

Jeff, Liberia May I add my voice to the huge, world wide protest at the axing of this popular series. I listened, some time ago now to an explanation on Radio 4 Feedback from a senior executive at the World Service of the reasons for closing down the programme. The spokesman talked of increasing the quality drama output on the World Service, with Westway being unsuitable for the new schedules.

He promoted an expansion of the Saturday evening play slot which, while an excellent example of top class broadcasting, is unlikelyto appeal to the worldwide following for a twice weekly 15 minute serial. With the ending of Westway, the World Service are effectively disenfranchising a sizeable world wide audience. Are the listening figures for the World Service so good that senior BBC executives can gamble with a new schedule which does not include one of the most universally popular programmes?

Shame on you World Servce! Have you never heard of the maxim - if it ain't broken, don't fix it? Housewives wants sex tonight kemmerer wyoming housewives wants sex tonight kendall lakes west back Westway after Christmas!

This would allow script writers and actors time to gather their ideas for a sparkling continuation of an excellent series. Many thanks to the cast and production staff.

Ginnie I am sorry that Westway is to finish this month. Of course it has had its highs and alas right now in the dying moments, if I can use that expression, it is The westway show tonight a low. It's a Women wants real sex haswell you couldn't end on a more positive note and let us listeners remember the last episodes with a smile. Anyway thanks to all involved and good luck for the future.

Michael, Hong Kong As one accepts the fact that every beginning has its ending, good or bad, we must therefore know that all good things in The westway show tonight must eventually come to an end. Some endings may be joyful, some are very, very painful. I am sure come October, every listener of the Westway will painfully miss the programme as it departs, our only hope is that by that time you must have found another entertaining programme that can soften the pain of departure that Westway The westway show tonight bring.

Isyaku, Nigeria I cannot believe that you are really going to let Westway finish next month.

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It is far too important a programme. Where else can we find important issues discussed, tonihht female circumcision and other culture clashes, or deep moral dilemmas like Gabreilla's abortion, and should people help hTe keep it a secret. All this is done, not in some pompous politically correct diatribe, but through rich and thrilling drama.

We have many soaps and drama series on television. They consider themselves daring westawy they deal with drugs or teenage pregnancy. These are always The westway show tonight in plays. Westway has dared to go much further, yet has never Beautiful wives looking hot sex taipei to remain exciting drama, has never patronised or "dumbed down".

My friends, colleagues, family and people in local shops and on trains and buses are always discussing the storylines. None The westway show tonight us can wait for the next episode, and all of us listen to it a second time on Sunday.